A Selective, Tailored Approach to Global External Affairs

Two factors drive success in the international market:
1) the ability to maintain robust yet selective relationships; and
2) a keen, ongoing understanding of how each region conducts its international affairs.

Our team knows whom to approach, what to say, and how to accomplish your goals in the government and private sectors.
We have the capabilities and agility to adapt rapidly to ever-changing global environments

The work of our team has included:

  • Advocacy and Legislative Policy Development
  • Global Infrastructure Development
  • Intelligence, Counterintelligence and Global Security
  • Counterterrorism, Risk Mitigation and Secure Travel Training
  • Cultural and Global Protocol Education
  • Award-winning Messaging, Public Relations and Marketing Portfolios
  • Lead Government-to-Government Representation
  • Advisor to Government Leaders and Senior Policymakers
  • General Counsel for International Corporations and Governmental Units

Global and Emerging Market Business Development

We operate at the intersection where project capital, risk reduction, and governmental relations converge. In addition to promoting your interests with policymakers, we facilitate connections to established global investors, security professionals, and emerging market business partners.
Our network includes investment professionals from world-renowned private equity groups and global investment banks.

We Provide the Solutions You Need

Services provided by Augustus Global will assure that our clients’ international interests are protected in volatile foreign markets.